About RCS Solar 

RCS Solar is a leading distributor of PV panels, inverters and racking systems

Combining the logistical framework and know-how of the RCS Group (by Rami Feller) with the professional knowledge and skills of experts in the field of solar energy, RCS Solar is able to provide --and deliver-- the best solutions for your PV panel, inverter and racking system needs

Founded in 1995 by Rami Feller, the RCS Group was one of the first companies to launch the mobile phone trade industry, and has since expanded to become a major leader in international trade and distribution.

As a division of the RCS Group, RCS Solar operates at the same high standards and offers the same dependability and trust that have turned RCS clients into returning customers
Today RCS Solar is a rising distributor in the PV industry, selling most major PV panel, inverter and racking system brands.

With 30 experienced sales agents, worldwide affiliates - Australia, Germany, Holland, UK, Israel, Italy, and the USA - operations in 128 countries across the globe, 20 logistical experts and more than 120 dedicated employees.

RCS Solar can:
Locate the PV panels, inverters and racking systems to match the specifications of your orders
Secure the best prices to create an outstanding deal
Ensure quick delivery
Handle all necessary tax and legal import/export requirements
Provide service in 16 languages
Offer project financing solutions
Organize purchasing groups

With RCS Solar, you can:
Trust that you know who you’re dealing with
Access new offers, requests and potential deals every day
Find the solution tailored to your specific needs
Maximize cost efficiency
Manage last minute changes
Conduct small or large transactions
Communicate with a regional sales professional in any one of 16 languages
close the deal and --relax!

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You can rely on RCS Solar to provide you with the best deal under the sun!